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Energy fills the room

I am very grateful for the many pictures from people who have photographed my art in their homes. It is only when a work of art is in its own space in somebody's home, in context, that it can display its true strength.

Whether it is in the living room, in the bedroom, above the piano, the sofa, in the hall or even on the balcony or terrace, many works of art have found the place that is right for them.

Art, vivid and really most beautiful

If you would like to see my pictures, I would be very happy to arrange a mutually convenient appointment with you. Call me or send me an email, then we can find the artwork that is just right for you.

Find out more about me and my work in the studio here:

or in person. I look forward to meeting you.


I am happy if I can communicate something and allow you to feel the energy and strength of my pictures. Have a look at the different galleries and let yourself be inspired:

Each image has its own aura and finds the right person to whom it can pass on its strength and harmony.

Take your time

In order to fully experience a picture, you are welcome to borrow it for up to two weeks. This is completely without obligation on your part, so that you can see if it suits you and your home.

I'm also happy to advise you and help you find the right place to hang the picture to allow it to achieve its greatest impact. Together, we will find the right place. A picture finding its new owner is always a cause for celebration (also for me). Feel free to contact me if I can help you. I look forward to hearing from you.

Decorative artwork as an everyday companion

Cards, books, poems, book covers - my art is also available as a day-to-day companion for you or as a loving gift. High quality papers, original photos and loving craftsmanship with selected motifs characterize my cards, whether it is as a set or individually. In addition, choose from books of my own poems illustrated with my pictures, hand-sewn book covers and individually painted angel circles.

Sewing for beginners and advanced learners

I am also a fashion designer and have been offering sewing workshops in my sewing studio in Ratingen for many years. In small groups (of beginners and advanced learners), we sew styles, under my guidance, that bring joy. What could be more beautiful than realizing your own ideas?

All information and dates can be found here.

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